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College of Computer Science and Technology

July 8, 2022

The Computer Science and Technology program is DGUT's first academic master program (first-level discipline). According to cuaa.net, our Computer Science and Technology major ranked 12th in the national ranking of first-class computer majors in 2021 and was rated B+ in ShanghaiRanking's Best Chinese Majors Ranking 2021. Our Computer Science and Technology major has been listed as a world-class discipline for the first time in ShanghaiRanking's Best Chinese Subjects Ranking, with a ranking of 213, and rated 4 stars by the University Alumni Association of China, indicating it is a high-level discipline in China that is ranked among the top 18%.

Currently, we have 112 faculty members, including 17 professors, 40 associate professors, 57 faculty members with doctoral degrees, 1 academician, 1 expert with special allowance from the State Council, 1 Distinguished Professor under Pearl River Scholar Funded Scheme.

We provide students with professional technical trainingas well asscientific research and teaching platforms. We have 2 provincial engineering technology centers, 1 Guangdong university science and technology innovation team, 1 Dongguan science and technology innovation team, 2 Dongguan key laboratories, and 2 provincial key university laboratories. In addition, we provide special funds to support student participation in various international and national discipline competitions as well as innovation and entrepreneurship competitions, encourage students to apply for postgraduate programs.

In the past two years, our students participated in the National College RoboMaster Competition, the "Blue Bridge Cup" National Software and Information Technology Talent Competition, the American College Mathematical Modeling Contest, the National College Mathematical Modeling Contest, "Internet+" competition, and other competitions, and won nearly 100 awards from provincial level and above.

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