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Introduction to Dongguan Institute of Technology

Dongguan University of Technology (DGUT) is the only model university of novel high-level science and engineering jointly constructed by Guangdong Province and Dongguan City. It is the first public full-time regular university in Dongguan, and we are proud to have Dr. Chenning Yang, a Nobel Laureate in Physics, leading us as our Honorary President. Work on establishing DGUT commenced in 1990 and it was finally approved in April 1992. DGUT was listed among the initial institutions for national “Outstanding Engineers Cultivation Project” and has risen to a level of being one among the “first-group” of local universities.

DGUT has established an unique discipline and major structure with engineering as the focus and coordinated development of management, literature, science, economics, law, education, and other disciplines. The university has 20 colleges,59 undergraduate programs and 11 postgraduate programs. Fourteen programs have been selected in the first batch of national first-class programs. Fourteen programs have been selected as first-class programs in Guangdong Province.

DGUT has two campuses, in Songshan Lake and Guancheng, covering a total area of 351 acres (including 61 acres of international collaboration and innovation zone). There are approximately 20,000 full-time students in the university and about 120,000 students have been trained so far, with 95% of graduates worked or started their business in Dongguan. Since the recruitment of international students commenced in May 2016, a total of more than 400 international students from more than 40 countries have enrolled at DGUT.

  • 2015-

    DGUT established Guangdong-Taiwan College of Industrial Science and Technology, the first joint Guangdong and Taiwan training program in Guangdong Province.

  • 2016-

    DGUT has established International College and became the first local university in Dongguan to recruit foreign students. 

  • 2017-

    DGUT has established DGUT-CNAM Institute, Dongguan University of Technology, the first Sino-foreign cooperative education institution in Dongguan, with the approval of Ministry of Education. 

  • 2018-

    DGUT established the International Joint Graduate School to conduct joint doctoral training with the world's top 100 universities such as the University of Nottingham, the University of New South Wales, the University of Auckland, etc. Meanwhile,DGUT has established its overseas innovation center “DGUT Australia Innovation Center” in Australia, and has set up overseas talent workstation in Russia— “DGUT Russia Communication Center”. In addition, DGUT is working on establishing an innovation center in Europe.

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Guancheng Campus: No. 251 Xueyuan Road, Guancheng District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province,  PR  China

Songshan lake Campus: No. 1 Daxue Road, Songshan Lake District, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, PR  China

Zip Code: 523000

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