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College of Electronic Engineering and Intelligence

July 8, 2022

Our undergraduate majors include Communication Engineering -- a national first-class undergraduate major and a national professional and comprehensive reform pilot major, Optoelectronic Information Science and Engineering -- a provincial first-class undergraduate major, Electrical Engineering and Automation -- a provincial key major, Automation -- a provincial first-class undergraduate major, Intelligent Manufacturing Engineering, among others. We also have two national demonstration modern industrial institutes -- Guangdong-Hong Kong Robotics Institute and Siemens Intelligent Manufacturing Institute. Currently, we have 120 faculty members including 2 specially employed academicians and 6 high-level talents -- 23 of our faculty members have senior titles, 35 have associate senior titles, 82 have doctoral degrees, and 4 are postdoctoral fellows.

With a pedagogy-based approach, we have implemented teaching reform and practice in developing majors, curriculum, talent training mode, etc., and are cooperating with Siemens, Songshan Lake International Robot Industry Base, and other enterprises who comprehensively participate in DGUT’s talent training. In the process, we are fostering students' practical engineering abilities and innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, and cultivating high-quality applied talents to meet local economic and social development needs. In recent years, we have won 1 second prize of National Teaching Achievement Award, 2 first prizes and 1 second prize of Guangdong Province Teaching Achievement Award, and have been accredited with 1 national first-class course, 1 provincial first-class course, 1 provincial excellent course, 2 provincial open courses, 1 provincial planning textbook, and 1 provincial teaching team under construction. In addition, we have 1 national engineering practice education center, 3 provincial engineering practice education bases for college students, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 6 on-campus innovation laboratories for college students, and 40 off-campus practice bases for college students. We have teaching equipment and related infrastructure valued at over RMB 56 million.

We have excellent scientific research conditions, with 2 provincial engineering technology research centers and 4 Dongguan key laboratories/engineering technology centers. With DGUT aiming to develop into a new high-level science and engineering university, we have built an intelligent manufacturing innovation center, a new energy and intelligent microelectronics laboratory, an advanced and intelligent laser manufacturing engineering technology center, and a biomedical optics innovation platform. We are also constructing 6G, Internet of Vehicles, and other laboratories. We have scientific research equipment valued at over RMB 80 million.

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