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International College of Microelectronics

July 8, 2022

Microelectronics is the crown jewel of the electronic information industry. Guangdong is building the third pole of China's integrated circuits industry, but there is a serious shortage of talents in the field of integrated circuit. Adhering to a high starting point, high standards, and international orientation, DGUT established the International School of Microelectronics in January 2021.

Through in-depth cooperation with leading companies such as OPPO and Huawei, we have innovatively developed an integrated industry-education talent training model based on the structure of "1 (School of Microelectronics) + 1 (Dongguan Microelectronics Research Institute) + N (joint innovation center or joint laboratory)".

Currently, we have two undergraduate majors: Microelectronics Science and Engineering and Electronic Information Engineering. We are among the supporting units for the master's degree program for the Electronic Information Engineering major. The Electronic Information Engineering major is currently the only nationally characteristic major at DGUT. It is also a pilot major of the National Outstanding Engineer Program, a national first-class undergraduate major, and ranked 10th in the UAAC Best Chinese Majors Ranking 2022.

We have more than 40 faculty members, including 2 national high-level talents. We have 1 provincial key subject, 2 provincial and ministerial engineering technology research centers, and 4 municipal key laboratories or engineering technology centers.

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