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College of Chemical Engineering and Energy Technology

July 8, 2022

We have 3 first-level subjects: Chemical Engineering and Technology, Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics, and Food Science and Engineering. Among them, Chemical Engineering and Technology is a characteristic key subject of Guangdong Province, and Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics is an advantageous key subject of Guangdong Province. We have master's degree authorization right for Energy Power, Biology and Medicine, Materials, and Chemical Engineering subjects.

We have 7 undergraduate majors including Applied Chemistry, Chemical Engineering and Technology, Energy and Power Engineering, Food Quality and Safety, Energy Chemical Engineering, Building Environment and Energy Application Engineering, and Food Science and Engineering. Applied Chemistry is among the first batch of pilot majors of the national "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", and a national first-class major that has received the IEET engineering education certification. Our Energy and Power Engineering major is a national first-class major, and our Chemical Engineering and Technology major is a first-class undergraduate major in Guangdong Province.

We have 1 Guangdong key laboratory, 1 Guangdong engineering technology research center, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, and the national "China-Latin America Joint Laboratory for Clean Energy and Climate Change" Dongguan Base. Currently, we have 102 faculty members, including 75 with doctoral degrees, 1 dual-employed academician, and 4 specially-employed professors, and we have 1 Guangdong university innovation team. We have total research funding exceeding RMB 90 million.

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