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College of Mechanical Engineering

July 8, 2022

We are one of the earliest schools established by DGUT. We have established 6 majors including Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (a national first-class major, the first batch of pilot majors of the Ministry of Education's "Excellent Engineer Education and Training Program", and a provincial key major), Industrial Engineering (a national first-class undergraduate major, and a provincial characteristic major), Industrial Design (a provincial characteristic major and a provincial first-class undergraduate major), Material Forming and Control Engineering (a provincial first-class major), Mechanical and Electronic Engineering, and MEMS Engineering. In addition, our Mechanical Engineering is a master's degree authorization program.

We have strong faculty, with 138 on-the-job faculty members, including 85 full-time teachers (including 1 dual-employed academician, 1 provincially outstanding teacher, and 14 faculty members with senior titles and 26 with associate senior titles), and 76 teachers with doctoral degrees. Our Mechanical Engineering subject is an advantageous key subject in Guangdong Province and a key construction subject included in the "be first-class, make up for shortcomings, and have strong features" program in Guangdong Province. Our Engineering Science subject has been included in the top 1% of the ESI global ranking.

We have a high-level teaching and scientific research platform, 5 provincial scientific research platforms including the provincial key laboratory of robotics and intelligent equipment, 1 national engineering practice and education center, and 1 Guangdong demonstration industry institute. Several high-level research results have been achieved in the fields of large scientific device development, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, industrial big data, etc. We have established a good industry-university-research cooperation relationship with leading companies such as Han's Laser, OPPO, VIVO, Luxshare, Opto, and Everwin Precision, and we provide many high-quality talents to relevant industries every year.

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