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College of Literature and Media

July 8, 2022

The College of Literature and Media was built in 2016, based on the restructuring of the former Department of Applied Foreign Languages and Department of Chinese established in 1992. The School has 5 departments: Department of Chinese, Department of Foreign Languages, Department of Media, Department of Cultural Industry, and Department of Science and Technology English. We have established undergraduate majors such as Chinese Language and Literature, English, Radio and Television, Radio and Television Director, Cultural Industry Management, etc. We have also launched humanities experimental classes, radio and television excellence journalism classes, and business English experimental classes. In addition, we jointly train graduate students with universities such as Jinan University. Currently, we have more than 1,500 undergraduate students.

We have strong faculty with a total of 112 faculty members, including 2 specially employed national high-level talents, 3 teachers from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan, and 6 foreign teachers. We have 30 doctoral teachers, including 5 postdoctoral fellows and 5 returnee doctors. In addition, there are 37 teachers with senior professional titles, including 9 professors, 26 associate professors, and 2 senior journalists.

Our Chinese Language and Literature, English, and Radio and Television majors are first-class undergraduate majors in Guangdong Province. Our Chinese Language and Literature major has a provincial teaching team, and it has been selected as a key construction major of DGUT. Our Radio and Television major is a pilot major for the cultivation of provincially outstanding journalism talents. We have established research and application platforms such as the Urban Culture Research Center, the Lingnan Jinshi Art Center, the Cultural and Creative Redesign Center for Manufacturing Products, and the Bay Area Urban Visual Communication Research Institute. Among them, the Urban Culture Research Center is a social science research base of Guangdong Province and the Intangible Cultural Heritage Research Base of Guangdong Province. We regularly publish and distribute the special issue of "City Culture Review".

We have a Lingnan local literature reference room and cultural industry management library. Our "Digital Media Experiment Center" has been rated as the Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Guangdong Province. The School also has experimental and training platforms such as virtual studio, nonlinear editing laboratory, media fusion laboratory, multimedia recording studio, photography and videography laboratory, cultural and creative workshop, design workshop, and voice room. In conjunction with Phoenix Digital Media Education Group, we have established the "Phoenix Digital Creative Industry Institute", and built a new media and visual culture and art center, andigital lighting studio, a high-dynamic image innovation application laboratory, a high-definition digital imaging laboratory, and other high-level imaging technology innovation laboratories. Focusing on innovation in the talent training model, we are consistently deepening the integration of industry and education, developing courses with distinctive industrial characteristics, building an internship training base, and constructing an industry-university-research service platform, to promote the development of "first-class majors" and "first-class courses" and new liberal arts.

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