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College of Education (Normal School)

July 8, 2022

The College of Education (Normal School) was formed by the merger of the Normal School and the Department of Physical Education, in July 2016. The Normal School, formerly known as the Dongguan Normal School, was established in 1932 and has a history of 90 years. The Department of Physical Education started establishing undergraduate-level majors in 2003.

The College of Education (Normal School) consists of the Department of Education, the Department of Music and Dance, the Department of Physical Education, a Public Physical Education Department, a Sports Center, and a Physical Health Compliance Center. Among them, the Department of Physical Education has a Big Ball Teaching and Research Section, a Small Ball Teaching and Research Section, and a Comprehensive Teaching and Research Section. TheDepartment of Education has a Teacher Education and Research Section, a Chinese Education and Research Section, an Educational Practice and Training Center, and a College Students' Mental Health Teaching and Research Section. The Department of Music and Dance has an Art Theory Teaching and Research Section, a Dance Teaching and Research Section, a Piano Teaching and Research Section, an Instrumental Music Teaching and Research Section, and a Vocal Music Teaching and Research Section.

We have 5 majors: Primary Education (Normal), Chinese Language and Literature (Normal), Musicology (Normal), Dance Choreography, and Social Sports Guidance and Management, among which, the Primary Education (Normal) major has launched a Mathematics branch.

We have a strong group of faculty members with diverse subject backgrounds and broad academic horizons. At present, we have 104 faculty members, including 3 professors, 22 associate professors, 13 doctoral degree teachers, 28 master’s degree teachers, 2 national-level Putonghua testers, 2 provincial-level Putonghua testers, and 31 athletes at all levels including international athletes.

Attaching immense importance to strengthening foreign exchanges and cooperation, we have established academic contacts with several universities in China and overseas and conduct academic exchange activities on a regular basis.

We pay close attention to the quality of education, actively conduct teaching reform and scientific research, and endeavor to cultivate talents in education, research, practice, and management who are "good learners with responsibility and courage", and are building an advanced school with innovative characteristics.

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