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College of Guangdong-Taiwan Industrial Science and Technology

July 8, 2022

The College of Guangdong-Taiwan Industrial Science and Technology is the first Guangdong-Taiwan higher education cooperation project approved by the Department of Education of Guangdong Province, and an exemplary modern industrial school in Guangdong Province. The College is jointly run by Dongguan University of Technology, Dongguan Taiwanese Seedling Foundation, and Taiwanese partner universities. We have enrolled students for 7 years since 2015, and at present, have 859 students on our rolls.

We are dedicated to innovating the new engineering talent training model and mechanism. Leveraging Dongguan’s location in the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong-Macao Science and Technology Innovation Corridor, the construction of the advanced manufacturing center in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, and Dongguan's adjacency to three districts of Shenzhen-global development pioneering demonstration areas, we are running the School based on an international modern industrial system, implementing the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue, and targeting to cultivate high-quality innovative industry talents. We aim to realize the integration of teachers, resources, industry, and university, and value generation focusing on the cultivation of innovative practical ability. We aim to build an industry-oriented, cross-major, and cross-field characteristic education model. We have improved the quality of our talent cultivation and promoted the effective supply of industry-oriented new engineering talents, and our efforts have been universally recognized by society and relevant industry.

With the goal of students gaining a sense of ownership and teachers having a sense of belonging, team achievement, and social identity, we are striving to set a benchmark for cooperation between colleges and universities on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, relying on a lean team, refined design, exquisite development, and careful training.

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