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Characteristic postgraduate classes in sports, aesthetics, and labor education officially launched!

November 22, 2022

To fully implement the CPC's education policy and promote the holistic development of postgraduate students, our 2022 version of the postgraduate talent training program has added a public elective course group of "Postgraduate Literacy Improvement," which includes many characteristic classes such as sports, aesthetic education, labor education, humanistic quality, innovation and entrepreneurship education, scientific research information acquisition, and so on.

Teachers and students have meaningful exchanges, creating a pleasant, harmonious environment in the classroom. The postgraduate students are engaged in critical analysis and communication, sparking off one fantastic idea after another thanks to the teacher's efforts to energize their passion for learning. The teachers and graduate students all reported feeling relieved. The opening of characteristic classes has been widely hailed by teachers as an integral part of the university’s efforts to optimize and improve its high-quality talent training in line with the latest trends in education. Through interactive curriculum teaching, they experience the yearning and joy of postgraduate students, and come to terms with the fact that education is grounded on body, aesthetics, and hard work. Postgraduate students feel that the availability of these characteristic classes broadens their perspectives, facilitates the development of personal interests and hobbies while conducting scientific research, enables students to master skills, provides opportunities to improve one's physical and mental health, and strengthens the foundation for future scholarly endeavors and scientific research.

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