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Second characteristic course for excellent lithium battery engineers conducted

November 22, 2022

Since 2021, the School of Chemical Engineering and Energy Technology has successfully carried out the joint training project of outstanding lithium battery engineers in collaboration with Jiangxi Ganfeng Lithium Technology Co., Ltd. and Sunwoda Electronics Co., Ltd. We are increasing our scope and conducting the second industrial talent training this year based on the training of 18 students last year. More than 80 students from the 2019 batch of the seven majors of the School of Chemical Energy have been chosen to enroll in the characteristic class.

The project includes industry courses, enterprise classes, enterprise internships, etc. At present, five characteristic lithium battery courses, including batteries and chemical energy storage principles, lithium-ion battery materials and design, lithium-ion battery manufacturing technology and equipment, lithium-ion battery quality management, and lithium-ion battery engineering thinking and methods, have been opened. These courses will be conducted this semester from Monday to Friday afternoon.

The launch of the characteristic lithium battery production and teaching course closely corresponds to the new energy industry’s hot spots. The school and the enterprises will continue to implement the course in depth in conjunction with the enterprises' employment needs and student training goals, and gradually create enterprise classes, industrial cases, project frontier lectures, enterprise internships, and other content, to enrich the teaching content, gradually form a long-term mechanism of school-enterprise cooperation and curriculum education, and improve the pertinence of talent training, forming a set of training paradigms for excellent engineers.

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