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Dongguan University of Technology Hosted the 2022 Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition

March 8, 2023

Li Zhonghong, Deputy Secretary of the DGUT Party Committee, and Fan Hongbo, Director of the Science and Technology Department and the Social Science Department, along with Li Changping and Jin Jutao, teachers’ representatives, opened the 2022 Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition on December 8, 2022.

With the theme “Promoting the Incubation of Scientific and Technological Achievements and Exploring a New Route for Industry-University-Research Cooperation” the Science and Technology Achievement Exhibition highlighted the city of Dongguan’s innovative resources in its pillar industries, as well as its successes in technology transfer, achievement incubation, and project docking. Additionally, this Exhibition assembled innovative resources both within and outside of DGUT, with the goal of building a high-level and effective cooperation platform for the transfer and transformation of achievements, ultimately leading to the realization of a “supermarket” for the straightforward exchange of scientific and technological innovations.

Three online meeting rooms were made available for the online project roadshow portion of this Exhibition, which was a combination of an online project roadshow and an online webpage exhibition. There will be a simultaneous presentation of all six projects on the same day at 16:30. The project leaders presented their teams and displayed their current progress, challenges, and successes. In addition, they helpfully responded to participants’ inquiries.

The online exhibition section consists of six special zones: DGUT science and technology overview, major platforms, new engineering & new liberal arts, industrial colleges, scientific and technological innovation platforms, and intellectual property rights. There were a total of 9 major platforms, 12 secondary colleges, 6 industrial colleges, and 5 scientific and technology innovation platforms that showcased their scientific and technological accomplishments. Visit https://kjz.dgut.edu.cn/ to view the exhibition.

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