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Huawei and DGUT Collaborated to Develop a Groundbreaking Smart Classroom Model

March 8, 2023

The first phase of six smart classrooms jointly built by Dongguan, Huawei, and Wenhua is listed as one of the global model cases of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. in the education industry.

On February 16, 2023, DGUT welcomed Li Ying, Head of Huawei's Product Portfolio Marketing and Solution Sales Department, together with the rest of Huawei's international team of executives, specialists, and engineers (Enterprise BG)—a total of over 50 people, including Wu Peng, Head of Enterprise BG OpenLab Department; Yang Fan, Director of Education Industry Solutions in China; Wu Mo, Head of Enterprise BG OpenLab Lightweight Solution Department; Li Guangming, Head of Market Development (Enterprise BG); Huang Yu, Head of Education and Medical Solution Sales (Enterprise BG) Department; and Xu Yiding, Director of Dongguan Education and Medical Industry. The purpose of this visit was to learn more about DGUT's plans for internationalization as well as its approach to smart teaching, the use of smart classrooms, the features of its talent training program, and international joint training.

The visit left a lasting impression on Li Ying, who praised the information-based instruction at DGUT. He also hoped to propel DGUT's collaboration cases in China and overseas regions like Afghanistan, South America, and South Africa by fortifying their future ties with the organization in the direction of digital transformation. International cooperation, ICT college cooperation, and the promotion of production and education integration courses were all areas where the two groups saw a common ground.

Prior to the meeting, the Huawei representatives toured a few of the DGUT-built smart classrooms that served as models. Visitors observed a live demonstration of the online smart classroom solution provided by DGUT, Huawei, and Wenhua, and heard about the inspiration behind and practical applications of the smart classroom.

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