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Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Hu chunhua Investigated Our University and Emphasized the Task: Serving for the Development of Guangdong and Building a High Level Engineering Universities Under Great Efforts

On July1st, Hu Chunhua, Secretary of Guangdong Provincial Party Committee came to our university to carry out specialized investigation. According to him, our university should serve for the development of Guangdong, upgrade the education levels and build a high level engineering university to provide a strong support for the implementation of innovation-driven development strategy of Guangdong province.

Provincial Standing Committee, Secretary-General Lin Mushen, vice governor Chen Yunxian,  Provincial Deputy Secretary, Director of  General Office Liu Kewei, Director of Education Department of Guangdong Province Luo Weiqi, Director of Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Provnice Huang Ningsheng, Director of Finance Department of Guangdong Province Zen Zhiquan, Vice Director of General Office of CPC Guangdong Provincial Committee Liu Ji came to attend the investigation. Governers of Dongguan Xu jianhua, Yuan baocheng, Yulijun, Secretary General of Municipal Party Committee Huang Shaowen, and the principals of Development and Reform Bureau,  Bureau of Economy Development and Technical Information, Education Bureau, and Science and Technology Bureau also attended the investigation.


Hu Chunhua visited Huawei Network College of our University. He also visited the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Achievements Exhibition of the students, Wireless Sensor System and Network and Information Security Engineering Technology Research Platform. He hosted the forum and listened to the related reports. He also attended the related research of how to build the high level engineering university.

University pricipals Chen Hongbo, Li Lin reported the education situation of our university and the ideas of building high-level engineering university. Based on the overall layout requirements of building a strong Manufacturing province of Guangdong and a model manufacturing city of Dongguan, our University will focus on enhancing the level of discipline and promote the effectiveness of innovative services. Our university will try to achieve the goal of building high-level engineering university within ten-year hard working.

Hu chunhua emphasized that building a high level  engineering university is urgent to implement the  innovation-driven development strategy. It is also necessary to promote the development of innovation-driven shift from factor-driven for Guangdong. Dongguan University of Technology should well-define the target position and take extraordinary measures to build a high level engineering university. It also should optimize subject setting, strengthen discipline construction, introduce talents, and improve the education and research levels. Under the corporation of Guangdong province and Dongguan city, the University can create a good environment and conditions to build the high level engineering university.

Secretary of Municipal Party Committee of Dongguan Xu Jianhua hosted a work coordination meeting after the investigation. Xu Jianhua said Dongguan government would provide full support to the high level engineering university work of Dongguan University of Technology.

Vice Secretary Municipal Committee of the CPC, Mayor of Dongguan, Yuan baocheng requested that Dongguan University of Technology should seize the rare development opportunity. He also emphasized that introducing and keeping talents is the primary task to construct the high level engineering university.


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