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DGUT Signed the Agreement of Co-Building High Level Technology University With the Government of Guangdong Province

On 14th September,2015,  Guangdong provincial government held the signing ceremony of  the agreement of co-building high level technology university(hereinafter shortened as Agreement).

Director of Guangdong Education Department , Luowei, Deputy mayor of Dongguan, Yu Lijun and President of DGUT, Lilin singed the Agreement together.

Leaders of our university, Cheng Hongbo, Lyu Qiyuan, An Shaohua, Zou Xiaoping, Dai Bingyuan, Li Zhonghong, Yang MinLing, and representatives of professors and agency department also attended the ceremony.



Why do the government support DGUT?
Our University can support the carrying out of the innovation-driven-development strategy of Dongguan.

Chen Yunxian attended the ceremony and made a speech. According to him, high level technology university is  a part of the construction of high level university task of Guangdong province. It is also crucial for ‘Strengthening  University by Innovation’ project.
Our university will be highly developed by the strong support from both  Guangdong province and Dongguan city.

What can we get?
2 billion RMB in five years to support our development.

In the coming five years, it is estimated that 2 billion Yuan will be provided by the government of Dongguan and Guangdong province.  The appropriation will be used in the construction and development of our university. Favored policy for  land will also be provided to our university.

What will we focus on?
Our university will take priority in implementing the ‘Three Projects’, which  includes construction of new discipline specialty group in the field of intelligent manufacturing, construction of characteristic industry college and construction of technology research and development service platform. We will also focus on ‘Three Systems’, which include cultivating system for creative business-starting personnel to support the development of economic society in Guangdong province, the formation of intelligence support system to support manufacturing transformation and upgrading of east Zhujiang river and formation of technological service system for supporting innovation driven strategy of Dongguan city. 

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