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Entrepreneurs Support DGUT High-level Technology University Program with Huge Endowments

On December 12th, around 30 mainstream media and many enterprises including Beijing QiAnXin Technology, 8mm Culture, Dailywin Watch, Moldbao Technology, Guanli Industry and Afming Numerical Control gathered in DGUT Academic Conference Center, witnessed the Endowment Ceremony of DGUT High-level Technology University Program.

36 enterprises have endowed the amount of 320 million RMB. In addition, education Development Foundation has got 240 million RMB. DGUT will get a total amount of 570 million RMB, which will be used for High-level Technology University Program. Within this amount, Beijing QiAnXin Technology has endowed 50 million RMB, for Network Security Scientific Research and 8mm Culture has endowed 40 million RMB for Canton-HK-Macao Visual Art Center.

On behalf of DGUT, Party Secretary Mr. Hongbo Cheng showed great respect and gratefulness. He demonstrated that all agreements, programs, endowments, show trust and willing from society. DGUT will strengthen the supervision of the funds, in order to enhance the Teaching Quality and to inspire the Innovated Service.
The president of Dailywin Watch Mr. Weihao Liang mentioned that it was his responsibility to support this program. Since 1994, Dailywin Watch has set up a scholarship for DGUT. DGUT has provided a number of talents for it. He hopes Dailywin Watch and DGUT will have closer cooperation under this national policies to promote Canton intelligent manufacturing industry.

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