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DGUT-CNAM Institute, Dongguan University of Technology Achieving Steady Progress

DGUT-CNAM Institute, Dongguan University of Technology (hereinafter referred to as “DGUT-CNAM Institute”) has achieved steady progress since the approval of its establishment on February 27, 2017, obtaining the permit in running school and independent student enrollment code, completing tuition fee standards, and realizing significant progress in such fields as student enrollment publicity and school-enterprise cooperation.

DGUT-CNAM Institute has obtained the Permit of the People’s Republic of China for Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running School (the permit No.: MOE44FRA02DNR20171831N), with level and type of education to be offered as four-year bachelor degree education.

On June 6, 2017, the Education Examinations Authority of Guangdong Province published the independent student enrollment code of DGUT-CNAM Institute (independent student enrollment code: 89018). This year, DGUT-CNAM Institute only enroll students from Guangdong Province, and set up communications engineering, software engineering and mechanical design majors, with first-batch student enrollment qualification.

On June 2, 2017, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued reply to the Dongguan University of Technology (YFGJG No. [2017] 2815), which indicates the tuition fee for the three majors set up by DGUT-CNAM Institute is RMB32000/academic year, and the standard shall come into force from the students of 2017.

Since May, DGUT-CNAM Institute has conducted the first round publicity in key high schools in Dongguan. On June 10, DGUT-CNAM Institute will participate into the “2017 College Entrance Examination Consultation Meeting of Guangdong Province – Student Enrollment Explanation Meeting of DGUT-CNAM Institute” organized by Nanfang Media Group and .

In addition, DGUT-CNAM Institute has actively communicated with France famous enterprises Amphenol Antenna Solution and Rancom Wireless Communication concerning school-enterprise cooperation agreement, striving to obtain support from enterprises and realize seamless cooperation between the school and enterprises.

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