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New Progress Made with Korean Universities

The signing ceremony for the Exchange Students Program between Dongguan University of Technology and Hoseo University was held in Asan in May. Lyu Qiyuan, the Deputy Secretary of the CPC DGUT and Deputy Director of high level poly-tech university building group, signed the Agreement with Mr. Ko, Hak Lim, the Vice President of Hoseo University. 

In accordance with this agreement, our school students are able to apply for the dualdegree of undergraduate in Hoseo University as well as Accelerated Master’s / Doctor’s Degree from 2017. Hoseo University will provide students preferential policies, like Tuition & Fee Waiver and recommendation for Accelerated Master’s / Doctor’s Degreewithout examination. Besides, Hoseo University will offer the opportunity for students in DGUT to join the venture entrepreneurship plan which helps to train talents with international horizon in innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Meanwhile, the delegation of DGUT discussed with Hoseo University in the management of student associations and social image building. In terms of venture entrepreneurship education and achievements transfer, the two parties also exchanged opinions. The delegation also had a meeting with representatives of Chinese entrepreneurship teams.

The delegation also visited Soon Chun Hyang University, a new partner in Asan, and signed the Exchange Students Agreement and Academic Exchange Agreement. This visit was beneficial to establish a collaborative relationship in both subject education and academic research. During this visit, our school delegation had an in-depth communication with Mr. Jongwha Lee, the Vice President, Mr. Byung-WookYoo, the Dean in School of Global Education&Exchange, and Mr. In Young Kim, the Director in School of Global Education&Exchange. They had achieved a consensus in the promotion of students’ cultural exchange and cooperative innovation training, including mutual exchange and exemption of exchange students, entrepreneurship education and mutual recognition of credit.

Furthermore, the delegation particularly visited Bureau of Local Government Administration in Asan and received a warm reception from Mr. Bae Woo-Lak, the general director. Mr. Bae said that he felt cheerful to witness the exchange cooperation between DGUT and universities in South Korea as well as the current progress. He was glad to give necessary support for the promotion of the cooperation in higher education and cultural exchange programs.

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