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DGUT Exchange Center Founded in Russia

     DGUT Russian Exchange Center has been founded in Moscow in late May. This center is an important process in creating the international characteristic of DGUT and strategic cooperation between DGUT and Tsinghua Innovation Center in Dongguan, which aims to spread the influences of DGUT in Russia and the Far East. It is responsible for publicity promotion, high level talents recruitment, foreign student enrollment, achievements incubation and cooperation expansion with Russian research, which will be a bridge of educational and cultural exchanges, joint laboratory construction, graduate training and other cooperation between DGUT and universities in Russia.
     On the first day, the delegation visited the International Union of Instrument & ICT Engineers. Mr. Gennady Popov, Vice President and Chairman of the Executive Committee, briefly described its cooperation resources with the Russian Ministry of Education and Technology, highlighted the depth participation in China Hi-Tech Fair, China-Russia Expo and other government platform cooperation. Mr. Popov said he was willing to cooperate with DGUT in connection with the transformation of educational services and scientific research achievements, and the introduction of talents. At the same time, he sincerely invited DGUT to participate the fourth China-Russia Expo held in Harbin in June, and the nineteenth China Hi-Tech Fair held in Shenzhen in November of this year.


      On the following day, the delegation held talks with Mr. Dmitriy Kovalenko, Vice-Rector of the National Research University of Electronic Technology. Lyu Qiyuan introduced the high level poly-tech university building work and the talent recruitment. Then the two parties signed the Memorandum of Understanding, which stands for the establishment of the substantive cooperation on joint training of students, teacher exchanges, scientific research and project development.


    The delegation also visited the famous Scholkovo Institute in Russia and held talks with the Vice-President of the organization, Mr. Alexei Sitnikov. He introduced the co-construction model with MIT, focusing on the teaching system Innovation, scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurship education.


    The last stop is Moscow Power Engineering Institute. The delegation held talks with Prof. Vladimir N. Zamolodchikov, Vice-Chancellor of International Affairs and Dr. Victor K. Dragunov, Vice-Rector of Science. A preliminary consensus has been reached on promoting the implementation of the cooperation agreement.


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