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A Series of Activities Is Held to Celebrate the 25thAnniversary of DGUT

    With great anticipation and earnest expectation of all the people in DGUT, alumniof DGUT with great joy went back to the campus to celebrate the 25thanniversary of DGUT on 22nd.

    In the morning of 22nd April, the 2007 alumni came back to the campus to have a joyous gathering in the academic conference center. The Honorary President of DGUT, academician of the Chinese academy of Science, and Nobel Prize winner in physics, Prof. YANG Chenning and his wife Ms. Wong fan, accompanied by the leaders of DGUT came to the center to join the celebration.

    Prof. YANG Chenning expressed his best wishes to DGUT and fully affirmed the achievements during the past 25 years of DGUT. Then Prof. Yang, Ms. Wong fan, leaders of DGUT and the representatives of alumni cut the birthday cake together. With the birthday song sang by all the attendance the atmosphere was pushed to the climax. 

    In the afternoon, conversation meeting for alumni was held. Alumni who attended the meeting actively shared their opinions on university-enterprise corporation, students cultivation, future development, university propaganda and alumni affairs construction.

    The associate colleges of DGUT all carried out various theme activities at the university anniversary day. The 2007 alumni donated a landscape stone carved in the words ‘dream from songshan lake’ to memorize their university and express their love and bless for the university.

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