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Dongguan University of Technology-ISTUARY Overseas Center Shareholder Signing Ceremony Is Officially Held in DGUT

    On 3rd March, Dongguan University of Technology-Istuary Overseas Center shareholder signing ceremony was held in DGUT. President of DGUT, Mr. Li Lin, Vice President of DGUT, Mr. Yang Minlin and CEO of Istuary Innovation Labs Inc. attended the signing ceremony.

    According to the contract, DGUT-Istuary Overseas Center operating in accordance with company mode, will be co-run by DGUT and Istuary Innovation Labs Inc. The businesses of the center mainly involve offshore incubation, talents exchange and students’ innovation and entrepreneurship incubation. In the meantime, it will take full advantage of the five bases’ resources in North America of Istuary Innovation Labs promote the internationalization of DGUT.

    It is learnt that DGUT signed the overseas center cooperation contract with Istuary Innovation Labs 2016 and held unveiling ceremony in Vancouver Canada.

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