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DGUT is Awarded Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Special Award

    The Project of Construction and Use of Mold Industry Collaborative Innovation System Hengli Dongguan of DGUT wins Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Special award.


    After the startup of high level poly-tech building work, the construction of collaborative innovation system with Hengli County is taken as the key work by DGUT. Through long term corporation with Hengli County, and by taking advantage of metal 3D printing technology, DGUT finally solves the essential problems which restricted the products developing into higher levels. And thus qualities and production efficiency of mold are improved greatly. The new technology is adopted by more than 80 enterprises. DGUT has also applied for over 10 patents and incubated 3 enterprises.

    Up to now, DGUT has taken corporations with more than 10 science and research teams, enterprises and institutions in Hengli County. And more than 300 students from DGUT are in internship or working in Hengli County as well.

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