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DGUT Holds High Level Poly-Tech University Building Work Summing-up Meeting

    On 15th January, DGUT held summing up meeting about 2016 high level poly-tech university building work. During the meeting, 2017 working plans of high level poly-tech university building were also discussed.

    DGUT has achieved great success in talents introduction, team organizing, platform building, project advancing, reform deepening and innovative development in 2016. In the future, DGUT will face greater challenges and pressures. Secretary of party committee Mr. Cheng Hongbo says it will be a challenging road for DGUT to carry out high level poly-tech university building work and every people should make their best to achieve the final success.

    President of DGUT Mr. Li lin says the year of 2017 will be a crucial year for the first stage of high level poly-tech university building. Thus the whole stuff in DGUT should corporate well and make up related working plans earlies in order to promote every work smoothly. He also hopes DGUT can achieve greater breakthroughs in the year of 2017.

    Responsible persons from the related offices and department report 2016 work summary and put forward work assumptions of 2017 during the meeting.

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